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Hilarious Gag Gift Ideas To Give To Your Best Friend

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Do you have a silly relationship with your best friend? If so, you may want to give your friend the perfect gag present as a birthday gift. The purpose of the gag gift is to make your friend laugh hysterically, especially if they are expecting to receive something else from you, so it is important to put some creativity into the item you are planning to give to them.

The Marble in a Bag

If you often tell your best friend that he or she is losing their marbles, the marble in a bag is a great gift to give to them. You will need the following items to make this gift at home:

  • 1 marble (color of your choice)
  • 1 plastic bag
  • 12 inch piece of ribbon
  • 1 sheet of paper
  • 1 colored marker

Once you have your supplies, pull out your sheet of paper and write a silly message to your friend about losing their marbles. You could write something like, "If you feel like you are really losing your marbles, here is an extra one to keep with you at all times!" Cut the piece of paper into a shape of your choice and put it inside of the plastic bag.

As soon as you have the message in the bag, throw in the marble and seal it shut, tying it tightly with a piece of ribbon to make it look more decorative. It will take less than five minutes to put this gag gift together, and your friend will surely think it is amusing.

Donald Trump Gag Gifts

Can you imagine Donald Trump becoming president of the United States? Although there is no guarantee who will become the next president, he continues to do well and is even expected to get more votes than George W. Bush did when he was running for president. If your best friend is not the biggest fan of this entrepreneur-turned-presidential-candidate, you could always pick out a Donald Trump gag gift. Because he is a hot topic and people seem to either love him or hate him, it is not hard to find an impressive selection of silly Donald Trump gifts to give people just to make them laugh.

You can have a t-shirt printed out for your friend with a picture of Donald Trump's face and a quote that says, "We Shall Over Comb." Instead of overcome, the shirt is poking fun of Trump's comb over hairstyle. Along with the t-shirt, you could get your friend a roll of toilet paper with Donald Trump's face printed on each sheet. For more ideas on Trump gag gifts, check out sellers like Dallas Cartoonist Charles King.

A Big Box of Bubble Wrap

Is your best friend often stressed out? Do you make jokes about how he or she should relax a bit and not act so uptight at times? If so, a box of bubble wrap is a great option. You would simply need to buy a spool of bubble wrap and then place it inside of a cardboard box.

You can make the gift look like it is something else by wrapping it up nicely with birthday gift wrap and a beautiful ribbon. Do not forget to include a note that says something like, "Want to relive that stress you are always talking about? Just pop some of these bubbles each time you feel like punching someone!"

Gag gifts come in handy when you want to make someone laugh. Even if your best friend is having a bad day, you can expect to see a smile on their face as soon as they open the silly item you have either made or purchased for them. Whether you want to make a marble bag, get some silly Donald Trump gag gifts or even put a bunch of bubble wrap into a box, you can expect your present to be a huge hit.